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Kaspersky Antivirus 1 PC 1 Year



MRP - 599

How to Install ::

How to Install: Install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 21: To do this, go to following link and click download now and follow the installation instructions https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/antivirus-free-trial after Installation finish please register your antivirus steps are as follows:

Specification ::

Kaspersky Antivirus Features: Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a solution that provides your computer with basic protection against viruses and other threats. The license for Kaspersky Anti-Virus can be used on two PCs running Microsoft Windows. To protect your PC: Features and protection components Kaspersky Anti-Virus includes the following protection features and components: • File Anti-Virus, which prevents infection of the computer's file system. • Mail Anti-Virus, which scans incoming and outgoing email messages on your computer. • Web Anti-Virus, which intercepts and blocks scripts on websites should they pose a threat to your computer. With Web Anti-Virus enabled, all traffic is controlled and dangerous websites are blocked automatically. • IM Anti-Virus, which ensures the safe use of instant messengers. • System Watcher, which rolls back the changes made to the operating system by malicious or other activity of applications. • Network Attack Blocker, which monitors inbound network traffic for activity that is typical of network attacks. When it detects a network attack attempt, it blocks any network activity of from the attacking computer. • Anti-Phishing, which checks whether web-addresses are on the list of phishing websites. • On-Screen Keyboard, which prevents interception of data entered on the hardware keyboard and protects personal data against interception attempts that use screen shots.

Support ::

Kaspersky Lab: Customer service 000 800 0401 097 / 000 800 050 1846

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